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Latvia’s exposition at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2012

Publicēja 2012. gada 27. marts 13:52Ivonna Grīnvalde

For the second time Latvian companies with support of The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia –www.liaa.gov.lv – will participate at the Natural & Organic Products Europe Show to demonstrate their products which have been already recognized by customers across the US, many European and Asian countries (Stand 5090).

Among 9 Latvian companies participating at the show you can meet producers of natural cosmetics, home accessories, organic clothing and health food products:

KIWI Cosmetics – www.kiwi-cosmetics.com – will present their Soil Association certified natural skincare products, Attirance – www.attirance.com – will introduce with its 300 unique cosmetics products, which are exported to more than 40 countries, newly established brand Anna Liepa – www.annaliepa.com – which source its raw materials from local organically certified farmers societies, will demonstrate its natural face and body care products, but Ambersense – www.ambersense.com – of which vision is to become respectable and recognizable manufacturer in the top of selected cosmetic brands of the world, will introduce to its professional and retail lines of facial and body care products.

ORGAMINT – www.orgamint.com – and Baby Sets – www.mysunnysets.com – both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified will demonstrate their collections of bed linen, nightwear and knitted garment for babies and toddlers.

Munio Candela – www.muniocandela.com – the first producer of soy wax candles in Europe, which packaging won competition in the world Star organized by World Packaging Organization in 2010 will show their latest collections of candles you already now can buy in Whole Foods Market shops, but Advaita International – www.advaitaart.com – producer of acupressure mats called Pranamat, a marvellous tool for revitalizing and relaxation, yoga clothing and many more items will demonstrate its latest products.

Dabas Darzs – www.straumeni.lv – Health Food producer of various nutritious snacks, dried vegetables and candied fruits you can find on the shelves of Planet Organic and independent retailers shops will show their newest products.

A typical Latvian landscape is a mosaic of tall forests alternating with wide fields, farmsteads and pastures. The entire country is a huge natural park which is a treasure house of natural products, ready to be discovered and exported abroad. Its not a surprise that the 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which is developed by Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission ranks Latvia as the second greenest country in the world.

The advantage of the Latvian manufacturers includes the high quality of their products and packaging, innovative technologies applied in production, short delivery times and competitive prices. Latvian delegates will brief you on the business environment in Latvia, including the recent economic achievements, the future potential and the trade opportunities, in particular cooperation opportunities with Latvian suppliers of various natural and organic products, which are already supported by various international certificates.